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Property and debt division, alimony (spousal support), custody, and child support can all be highly contested points in a divorce proceeding.  Though married couples may think their divorce will be amicable and uncontested, the relationship often turns adversarial once both spouses try to reach and agreement or proceed through the court process.  The laws do provide some guidance in that Nevada is a community property state, meaning each spouse has a 50% interest in all income, property, and assets acquired during the marriage. Similarly, debts are also communal, meaning a creditor can go after either or both spouses for a debt either spouse incurred during the marriage. However, spouses don’t always agree on how the property or debt should be divided.

Unless the parties can agree on every single term of the divorce, then they must go through the contested process of eventually going to trial if they cannot resolve their differences prior. Even if the parties agree to an uncontested divorce, having an attorney draft or review the divorce on behalf of one of the parties could ensure nothing was omitted or against that party's best interests.