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To co-sign or not to co-sign? Is that the question?

Let’s say your nephew has fallen on hard times, but wants to buy a new car or lease a new apartment. He doesn’t have the credit and financial history to secure the loan or apartment himself, so asks you to co-sign. He promises he will maintain all payment obligations, but just needs you to co-sign to convince the creditor or landlord to lease to him. Should you agree?

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Don't fall victim to auto sales fraud!

I often hear about the following consumer situation, so decided to write about it. The situation is as follows: you signed a retail purchase/financing agreement to purchase a car, and then the dealership calls you back to sign a new contract. This arrangement is commonly called a “yo-yo” or “spot delivery” sale, where you thought everything was final, but suddenly the dealership says otherwise. What rights do you have in this situation?

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